Catechists & Volunteers

Whether you are a student seeking service hours, seasoned catechist, retiree, busy parent, first-time volunteer, or someone who is still on the fence about volunteering...All are welcome!

Please consider how you might serve our Lord in sharing your time and talents in this ministry as an Adult Catechist, General Volunteer, or Teen Peer Lead.  

Let us hook you up with other volunteers, like those smiling faces shown above, to discover how YOU can CHANGE the lives of children, young adults and families.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Essential to the success of the Religious Education ministry is having a dedicated group of adult and young adult volunteers willing to help and nurture our faith with our youth. Participants have the opportunity for additional and on-going training and education through the Archdiocese.

The Church names four purposes of catechesis for which it’s catechists have a role:

There are many opportunities for volunteer service in our Religious Education ministry and here are just a few:


Steven Lee, Director of Religious Education

steven.lee@nativityoreorg  424-571-3030